Raw Dog Food for Working Dogs

The Dogs Butcher is a supplier of premium quality raw dog food to dog owners who want the most natural way for their dogs to be fed.

Please read Courier Delivery information before placing an order. Recommended minimum order 7kg to help prevent defrosting in transit.

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£4.50 inc. VAT

Dehydrated British Lambs' Ears. Locally sourced. 10 per pack.

£3.00 inc. VAT

Dehydrated British Lamb Scalp 100g

£2.75 inc. VAT

Dehydrated lamb Lung - suitable for training treats. 100g per pack.

£3.00 inc. VAT

British Lamb Spleen

£2.50 inc. VAT

Dehydrated Ox Lung - suitable for training treats. 100g per pack.

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£2.50 inc. VAT

Dehydrated British ox (beef) liver.

£2.50 inc. VAT

Pig heart.

£3.00 inc. VAT

Dehydrated sticks of lamb tripe which are great for teeth cleaning.


boar mince


Chicken & tripe mince made from locally sourced ingredients. We use both ox and lamb tripe. Natural raw food for working dogs.