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Benefits of Feeding a Raw Food Diet

Improved Oral Health
 Which means cleaner teeth and less “dog breath” although they might smell of tripe for a short while after a tripe meal, it doesn’t last long. Improved Digestion Which means smaller poos!!! Dogs have short digestive tracts intended to help a raw food diet to travel through the intestines as quickly as possible. They utilise a lot more from a raw diet, and there is less waste and it doesn’t even smell as strong .. which is a double bonus when picking up after them. They also don’t drink as much water, so please don’t be alarmed as raw food is naturally high in water content, which means that a dog’s renal system doesn’t have to work so hard. Improved Coat and Skin Which can mean less visits to the vet. Many of our customers start raw food as a last resort after spending £100’s visiting vets due to allergies and skin conditions which can, a lot of the time, be caused by food additives, preservatives, and artificial flavours added to kibble. Some dogs have gluten allergies too, which can also affect their skin and coats and ears. I have seen almost instant improvements in dogs with allergies (within a week), once their owners have ditched the kibble and started on a raw diet. Last But Not Least Happy dogs!! Dogs get an immense amount of pleasure from eating raw food. Chewing a bone or a large chunk or our chunky minces is what their teeth were designed for, and raw food gives their jaws a great work out, as well as immense satisfaction. After all, would you enjoy eating cream crackers every day of your life?