Last collection of 2018 Saturday 22nd December 9-5pm

First collection 2019 Wednesday 2nd January


We are open for collection from 3pm – 6pm, Tuesday through to Friday, and Saturday 9am – 12noon.

If an order is placed before 10am you will be able to collect on the same day within our opening times, but ONLY if you specify this request in your comments at the checkout page.

We would much prefer you choose a day that is convenient for you to collect to help avoid customers missing collection dates.

If two collection dates are missed, then the order will be refunded. Sorry but we really haven’t got the time to pack and unpack orders or space to store them I’m afraid.

Collections are to the right of our building, as you look at it and up the metal ramp in between the freezers. If no one is available open the door to the left at the top of the ramp and shout a member of staff. Please note to enter the building you will need protective clothes to adhere to health and safety regulations, so we request you do not do this. You can park on this side of the building to make it easier to load in to your car. If you need help just ask.

If you would like to have a look around our production unit then please just ask via email and I will try to make sure we have the time to show you round