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80-10-10 (Complete Minces)

1kg Duck, veal with Turkey 80-10-10


veal duck and turkey complete


chicken, duck, beef and lamb

Alpaca, Goat & Lamb

1kg Meaty lamb mince boneless


Lamb breast mince, minced on a 10 ml mincing plate. Please note this mince is quite high in fat.

80-10-10 (Complete Minces)

1kg Meaty Lamb Mince With Duck 80-10-10


Meaty lamb mince complete with duck. A mix of boneless lamb breast 30%, lamb heart 20%, lamb lung 20%, duck meat 10%, duck bone 10%, lamb liver 5%, lamb testicles 5%. All locally sourced.

80-10-10 (Complete Minces)

1kg Mixed meat with turkey 80-10-10


Mixed meat complete with turkey