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approx 75% meat, 15% bone 10% offal


Minced, gutted wild rabbit in fur with offal, approx 70% meat, 20% bone and fur, 10% offal.


Pheasant and venison mix. Fresh game locally sourced from licensed shoots and game dealers.


A blend of lean lamb tripe 30% with 1.5% lamb liver, and 1.5% lamb testicles, and 67% skinned and gutted pheasant which has retained its offal. Gutted pheasant is approx 15-20% bone so the added lamb tripe and offal should balance this mix to take the bone content down to 10-12%.


wild duck minced

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Venison mince. This is pure venison meat, not trim, from carcasses butchered on our own premises, and sourced from licensed game dealers in Cornwall.


venison complete


venison tripe mince