Low Fat

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80-10-10 (Complete Minces)

1KG Lamb Tripe with turkey 80-10-10


80% meat, 10% bone 10% offal

80-10-10 (Complete Minces)

1KG Veal mince with duck neck 80-10-10


80% meat, 10% bone, 10% offal

Boneless Minces

1KG Veal mince, boneless


veal mince

80-10-10 (Complete Minces)

1kg horse mince with veal bone 80-10-10


Horse mince complete


venison complete

80-10-10 (Complete Minces)



lamb tripe with rabbit


Venison mince. This is pure venison meat, not trim, from carcasses butchered on our own premises, and sourced from licensed game dealers in Cornwall.


Boneless chicken breast, ideal for dogs on a low fat diet.

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Chicken, Duck & Turkey

2kg Boneless Turkey


Turkey boneless

Alpaca, Goat & Lamb

500g British Lamb Spleen


Lamb spleen is classed as offal.