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Venison mince. This is pure venison meat, not trim, from carcasses butchered on our own premises, and sourced from licensed game dealers in Cornwall.


Alpaca mine. This meat has been sourced locally, bought in on the bone and butchered on site


whole wild partridge mince


Horse mince complete


chicken, duck, beef and lamb


Meaty lamb mince complete with duck. A mix of boneless lamb breast 30%, lamb heart 20%, lamb lung 20%, duck meat 10%, duck bone 10%, lamb liver 5%, lamb testicles 5%. All locally sourced.


Goat Mince Complete. A single protein, complete mince comprising 15% heart, 15% lung, 50% goat meat, 10% goat offal, 5% kidney, 5% liver, and 10% goat bones.